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Comcast Pulls Provocative Spot

Philadelphia, PA – January 26, 2007 – Could it be that Prince Charles has joined forces with cable empire Comcast to censor what you see on television?

In an act to ensure that their upcoming visit to the City of Brotherly Love this weekend doesn’t besmerch their good image, it is rumored that the British Crown is doing whatever it takes to keep the brand new spot from the International Coalition for British Reparations from airing in the Philadelphia market.

The ICBR is a new grassroots organization formed by Steven Grasse, a cultural studies analyst and media communications expert. His ancestors fought in the American Revolution and Civil Wars. He is a distant relative of three presidents—Franklin Pierce, George Bush, and George W. Bush. He is the author of a forthcoming work on the history of British civilization and its role in world affairs, to be published in April 2007.

The Coalition consists of forgotten victims of the British Empire who have banded together to ask for compensation for the injuries and injustice suffered over the past five hundred years. England’s shameful misconduct and neglect have necessitated that a global network of citizens from all walks of life unite to seek reparations in the sum of 31 trillion pounds sterling. ($58 trillion USD).

The controversial spot was set to air on “The O’Reilly Factor,” but was pulled mid-airing in a move that can be called nothing short of censorship. Comcast execs refuse to broadcast the commercial until major revisions have been made.

Comcast accepted payment for the advertisement and then mysteriously yanked the spot mid-air. When ICBR representatives called to inquire as to whether or not it was a technical difficulty they nervously explained that Comcast’s New York City legal counsel had prohibited the commercial and cancelled all future airings.

We respectfully ask: What was the reason for this? Who got to them? And what other acts of injustice will innocent citizens of the world face at the hands of the British Empire?

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